Thursday, July 22, 2010

Agile: Boards? Walls? Can't put anything on the wall?

Working at various places you come across certain departments that have rules that do not make sense. Well maybe they make sense but they might not make sense to you. One of the places I worked had a strong restriction on putting things up on the wall. Working in an Agile environment entails using TONS of wall space. From iteration walls to burn(down)/(up) charts and even design flats, walls are necessary.

One day I walked in the morning and saw that someone had actually written on the wall. Insert vulgarity !!! Whoever did that is gonna get it. I was actually quite excited to find out who would soon receive the impeding doom. After some closer inspection, I was excited to see that the writing wasn't actually on the wall, but on white board styled paper that was stuck to the wall. At this point I was interested in how it would actually stick to the wall. Static. Static is the magic that makes it all work. The sheets stick to the wall and paper/stickies stick to the sheets. No tape. Amazing.

Smart Sheets a simple dynamic white board replacement. "They're your whiteboard, communication, brainstorming, artwork, doodlepad and advertising vehicle all rolled up in one!"

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  1. That's great idea. We have similar looking white boards in our offices, but they stick on. It would be pretty cool to write out everything in my own office, then just rip it down and take it to a meetings. Thanks for pointing it out!