Friday, September 17, 2010

IE9 breaks Cufon!

Yes it is true. Cufon breaks in the new beta release for IE9. The Cufon team has been quick to find a fix for the problem. Please see their fixes here to find out how!


  1. I see that IE9 still doesn't support CUFON, I see that CUFON script executes but the text is invisible. I have downloaded the latest script and went through several suggestions, none of which worked..

    1. Same for me! I need a solution

  2. this is the latest javascript file.

    replace this with your cufon-yui.js

    Thats it.

  3. There is also an alternative fix in case somebody does not want to update the js file. We just need to call Cufon.set('engine', 'canvas'); before the Cufon.replace() calls. We can wrap it within the IE9 conditional statements to ensure that its understood by only IE9.